We are the top leaders of alkaline water filters in UAE

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The Axtron solution to skin and hair problems!

The quality of tap water leaves something to be desired, the TDS index attests to this fact. The effects of the water quality causes issues with hair and skin for numerous people, here at Axtron we have an answer to this problem.

Although called the hair guard this device purifies the water that is used for showering and bathing, it has the following advantages:

It has the function of passing shower water through a multi layer filter that purifies it of impurities.
The Multi layer filter makes the water chlorine free, this helps protect skin and hair from the detrimental effects of this chemical.
95% of chlorine, 98% of heavy metals and chemical impurities are removed from water.
The hair guard helps promote smoother skin, it lessens the risk of skin rashes, hair quality is improved and sinus irritations can be avoided.